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Life in Belize

 Wow, it has been a long time since I updated our blog! Our family has grown, we now have Andean, who will be 3 in April. Savana just turned 5 and Sierra will be 7 in July.
Sierra, Savana and Andean enjoying some sibling time.
We are no longer living in Bolivia, but in Belize, where we are starting a new project called MOVE. It is a project to train missionaries for in Bible working and practical training with hands on in mechanics, construction, Bible working, health, education and agriculture.

Savana and Andean going for a motorcycle ride
We are so excited about the way God is working. Things are moving along very rapidly. We purchased the land in Jan. of 2012. At the present we have 2 houses almost completed, a cafeteria, shop, water tower and well, another house currently under construction and a short trial class starting the 11th of April that will last one month.

Andean's baby dedication
I have been blessed to help teach some cooking classes to different people in the community that are interested in health. We are praying that this will be an opening wedge for sharing truth with them.

There is a gentleman that works in the tortilleria shop in town. While my parents were here I had some magazines to hand out, Amazing Facts about the Bible and a Health one. I gave one to this man. After about a month I walked in to buy tortillas when he asked me if I had anymore books for him to read. I told him that I would bring one the next week when I came into town.

As I got in the car the next week for my weekly town trip I remember my promise, so I ran inside to find a book. To my frustration I didn't have one single book in Spanish. So, I called Keila out at the land (we are renting a place until our house is finished) and she told me she only had one book that wasn't very new, The Great Controversy, which had the cover on upside down and backward. So, I ran out and got it. When I got to the tortilleria as soon as I stepped foot in the door he asked me where his book was. I was able to give it to him and he seemed very excited.

The next week when I arrived asked him how it was going. He said that he had read the first chapter and was on the second chapter, but it was harder to read.

Please keep him in your prayers as he continues to search for truth. I know that God has a plan and there is a reason that was the only book in Spanish that we had at that moment.

Below is the story of our neighbors horse, that my sister told and she did such a good job that I just copied it from her. This is another big thing that is opening doors for health and truth in our small community where everyone knows everyone.

Our neighbor is well known by everyone in town and he is sharing how God has worked.
Life on the Farm with Jay, the horse, Bright the calf and Sweetie the dog

waiting for a treat from Sierra
Jay is a new friend of mine who lives across the street from Fawna and Jeff’s place (a couple miles from the property where I live). A couple weeks ago, he was out walking on the main highway, enjoying the early morning darkness. All of a sudden, he was blinded by bright lights and heard the screeching of tires! Seemingly, out of nowhere, a truck came barreling down upon him! He attempted to jump out of the way, but there just wasn’t time! It hit him and knocked him down! He scrambled to his feet and went running away! He was scared, in pain, and in shock! It wasn’t until much later that day that his family found him and brought him home. When my sister, Fawna called me to come and help take care of his wounds, my mind went twirling! Ahhhhhh, I’m not a vet! Ok, so Jay is our neighbor’s horse. A very good horse that loves my nieces and nephew, enjoys doing his job of bringing in the cows, is very gentle and likes standing outside the front door waiting for the food that the kids give him. 

Jay after his accident
He was injured very badly: a wound on his stomach probably 20 inches long and 12 inches wide, one on the back of his front leg, under his neck, and little scratches all over him. He was already warm with a fever. The vet couldn’t come until the next day, and even if he came, it would be a miracle if Jay lived! So, we decided to do our best, and trust in Jesus to perform the miracle! Huge charcoal poultice = huge mess! We cleaned him out as best we could and then with a sheet folded in half and plastic in the middle, we put a ton of charcoal on it and tied him up. Then charcoaled the rest of his sores and took him to a safe place to rest. At least twice a day, he has to be cleaned up and the poultice has to be changed. They never had the vet come.... But Jay is still alive today! He is walking around more, trying to get out the gate, waiting for food from the kids, and acting more like the Jay that everyone knows and loves! 
Jay after 5 weeks of charcoal

Sierra losing her teeth, getting so big
Jay after 8 weeks of charcoal is doing so much better. Praise God

Here is a calf that we had for a couple of weeks that Sierra is trying to take care of.
God still is a God of miracles! But.... a horse? Why? Only He knows what the lasting results will be. But I do know one thing, this community is very interwoven, people know their neighbors and what is happening down the street.... When they hear how God used charcoal to save the life of a horse who was hit by a truck, it will break down barriers to a message of simple health! It is so exciting to see the ways that God opens doors and tears down walls! 

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